Vinyl Ester Resin

Vinyl ester is a resin produced by the esterification of an epoxy resin with acrylic or methacrylic acids. The diester product is then dissolved in a reactive solvent, such as styrene, to approximately 35–45 percent content by weight. Polymerization is initiated by free radicals, which are generated by UV-irradiation or peroxides.

Vinyl Ester Resin is quick curing, anti-corrosive and chemical resistant. This resin is resistant to a broad range of organic and inorganic acids, alkalines and oxidizing agents, and salt solutions. It has a superior toughness and excellent fatigue resistance. Vinyl Ester Resin is formulated for ease of fibre wetting, with minimum drain in a range of gel & cure times. Can be used to wet out Fibreglass Cloth or Chopped Strand Mat. Fillers, such as Talc, can be added to 'thicken' resin further.

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