Australian Fabricating Industries has a dedicated history to the sport of kayak. The dedication to the craft can be seen in their passion to design, manufacture and repair kayaks and the special paddles. They have worked with Olympian Warwick Draper, to help co-design / build specific competition, slalom kayaks. AFI currently sponsor the Victorian Sprint and Victorian Slalom Teams.


Lawrie-Chenoweth-Kayak-Victoria-AFI-JOGO-Australian Fabricating Industries
AFI founder Lawrie Chenoweth is a Victorian / Australian Gold Medalist and has grown up with canoeing. He is the son of Ross Chenoweth who was the first secretary of what is now Australia Canoeing. Lawrie has competed in both sprint and marathon events and has represented Victoria and Australia in sprint K1, K2 and K4, first racing in the Australian championships in 1966 at the age of 9, Lawrie has also completed three Murray Marathons full distance events in K1, K2 and K4.
Lawrie is an active member of Ivanhoe / Northcote Canoe Club and has had several positions in the committee over the past 20 years. Over the past few years, Lawrie is also involved with coaching at a junior level.
Lawrie would like to see canoeing grow and give all participants in all disciplines the opportunity and enjoyment that a great sport like canoeing has been for him.




AFI have worked alongside Olympian Warwick Draper to perfect the perfect craft for slalom kayak events. AFI currently sponsor the Victorian Sprint and Victorian Slalom Teams.

Warwick Draper - AFI Kayak

Warwick Draper's slalom kayak.

Warwick Draper - AFI Jogo Kayak

Warwick Draper's slalom kayak.




We can handle repairs of a whole range of fibreglass and composite products from bikes to boats through to custom built items. Our finish will make your product look as good as new.  We have completed repairs on most forms of composite water craft including boats, canoes, kayaks, paddles, surfboards and paddle-boards, everything besides SMC and Aluminium. Call or email ( with photos ) to get an estimate on repair costs and turn around.

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Kayak repairs

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